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Escape the grill with a remote thermometer

The Outset Digital Remote Meat Thermometer with Receiver allows you to mingle while you grill.

Go on, mingle.

Grilling outdoors is great fun, and that fun is usually best shared with friends and family. I don't just mean hanging out with them and enjoying their company; I mean putting them to work. I have previously noted that engaging your guests is a good way to ensure a good time for all, but sometimes you just want to rule the grill.

Guarding the grill may give you the added benefit of constant meat moderation, but then you miss out on sharing time with your guests. The simple solution is to trust your guests and just monitor while you mingle.

The Outset Digital Remote Meat Thermometer with Receiver allows you to appreciate the thrill of owning the grill while simultaneously enjoying your own party. Featuring two probes that allow for two separate temperature readouts, the thermometer relays the information back to a remote sensor. With 10 meat settings and 4 doneness levels, specific preferences are just a signal alert away (assuming, of course, that you are within the 120-foot range of the unit).

The large digital backlit LCD display is easy to read and simple to use. Perhaps best of all, when you are not using the unit to guard the grill, the thermometer can be conveniently used indoors. Although guests are less likely to BYOBBQ for an indoor party and jockey over the oven, you just never know. Break free and enjoy the company.