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Thumbs-up plus smiley face for EmojiWorks' physical emoji keyboard

Typing tacos and middle fingers is about to get easier with the EmojiWorks Emoji Keyboard, a physical Bluetooth keyboard that lets you type the popular little symbols much faster.

Typing emoji has typically been a bit of a hassle, requiring users to switch keyboards on mobile or enter a key combination to launch the emoji keyboard on PCs and Macs. A new peripheral wants to make using emoji a whole lot easier.

Cue the applause emoji.

The Emoji Keyboard by EmojiWorks is a Bluetooth keyboard that connects to your iOS, Mac or Windows device. The keyboard has all the traditional letter, number and function keys, but adds a dedicated emoji toggle and dozens of emoji so you can quickly and easily type the ideograms into your conversations, documents and emails.

Other emoji keyboard alternatives are already available, such as the emoji keyboard overlay that debuted on Kickstarter earlier this year, but the Emoji Keyboard claims to be the first dedicated physical keyboard for emoji.

The keyboard comes in three flavors: the Emoji Keyboard, Emoji Keyboard Plus and Emoji Keyboard Pro. The base model has 47 common emoji, while the Plus and Pro keyboards double and nearly triple the number of available emoji, respectively. Each variant includes the new set of emoji Apple introduced with iOS 9.1, and the Plus and Pro models also include skin tone modifiers so you can quickly change the skin tone of your typed emoji.

The Emoji Keyboard, Emoji Keyboard Plus and Emoji Keyboard Pro cost $79.99 (about £50, AU$110), $89.99 (about £60, AU$125) and $99.99 (about £65, AU$140), respectively, plus $10 shipping to the US and $20 shipping (about £13, AU$28) to the UK and Australia.

You can preorder any model on the EmojiWorks website. Then, get ready to flood your tweets and texts with tacos, hot dogs and, of course, middle fingers.

(Via MacRumors)