EMC upgrade boosts storage hardware

The company rolls out new storage systems with increased capacity and faster data access, along with better network connections.

John G. Spooner Staff Writer, CNET News.com
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John G. Spooner
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EMC on Monday announced updated storage hardware with greater capacity and data access speed, along with better connections to networked systems.

As expected, the Hopkinton, Mass., company updated its Clariion CX and Symmetrix DMX storage systems and launched a gateway designed to let companies connect different kinds of storage networks. Like other storage systems, EMC's systems pool data across large arrays of hard disk drives.

Much of EMC's emphasis of late has been on software, which the company bolstered through a series of acquisitions. The new hardware, however, makes good on a promise the company made earlier this year to add new products in order to boost its revenue growth in 2004.

EMC launched the Symmetrix DMX-2, which offers more performance thanks to faster processors and larger caches. The system can also now be ordered with Fibre Channel interface hard drives, which rotate at 15,000 revolutions per minute and store 73GB of data, giving them greater performance for more data-intensive jobs. These updates offer up to a two-fold increase in performance over the earlier version, the company said.

EMC updated the Clariion CX line with three new models that replace its previous systems. The new models increase performance by between 25 percent and 100 percent and offer capacities of between 13.4 terabytes and 58.4 terabytes.

The Clariion CX300, which replaces the CX200, can handle up to 60 drives and offers 25 percent greater performance, EMC said in a statement.

The other two models are the Clariion CX500, which can house up to 120 drives and replaces the Clariion CX400 system, and CX700, which can handle up to 240 drives and replaces the CX600. The Clariion CX line can also now be ordered with the 73GB, 15,000-rpm Fibre Channel interface hard drives, EMC said.

EMC also released a network-attached storage (NAS) gateway, the Celerra NS700G NAS Gateway, which can link NAS systems with storage-area networks (SANs). While NAS systems allow for easy file sharing, SANs tend to offer greater data storage capacity. Such gateways allow companies to combine the best of both technologies.

Also on Monday, EMC announced several software updates. Software is becoming more important as companies look to get more out of their storage systems.

The company said that its EMC Symmetrix, Symmetrix DMX, Clariion and Clariion CX systems can be used with a wider range of software applications. The systems can be managed with software applications that adhere to the Storage Networking Industry Association's Storage Management Initiative Specification. The measure applies to Symmetrix systems manufactured since 1997 and Clariion systems produced since 2000. The systems are in the final stages of validation testing, EMC said in a statement.

Lastly, EMC on Monday also updated its Centera content addressed storage systems.

PC hardware maker Dell on Monday said it would update its Clariion hardware to reflect the changes. The Round Rock, Texas, PC maker sells the Clariion line under the Dell/EMC brand, as part of a special agreement with EMC.