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EMC unveils 'disk library'

The data storage specialist introduces a hard-drive based product that mimics a tape device.

As expected, data storage specialist EMC on Monday introduced a hard-drive based product that mimics a tape device. EMC calls the new product a "disk library." The name refers to so-called tape libraries, which are robotic mechanisms that house a number of magnetic tape drives and cartridges. According to EMC, the product will allow speedier data back-ups and restorations than are possible with tape, and offer greater reliability than tape libraries. The company also said its disk libraries, which appear to computer systems as tape libraries, are designed to be up and running within two hours.

The market for such libraries is a key target for information technology providers, in part because data volumes are growing and thereby lengthening the time needed to make back-up copies. Research firm IDC recently said the back-up software market has been propelled by corporate efforts to prepare for disasters and to meet data-handling regulations, among other factors.