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Electrolux anti-odor system brings the kitchen anywhere

Electrolux Libero line offers versatility and portability for mobile cooking needs.

Portable and pleasant.

The Libero line of appliances from Electrolux is a modular system designed to bring mobile cooking anywhere there is a wall socket. While most people consider the scent of cooking food to be an appetizing feature they want, sometimes it is an unwelcome guest. The Libero appliances fit within one central unit that has an antiodor system incorporated in it. No matter what you need to cook, no matter where, the Electrolux Libero Point caters not only to location, but also to taste.

Using a variety of means, the do-it-all appliance system is capable of producing everything from stir-fry to grilled panini sandwiches. There are more than a dozen modular add-on appliances designed to work with the system. Induction powers two different wok hobs and several varieties of cook tops. Infrared-powered cooktops are also available, removing the restriction of the specific pans needed for induction cooking. Several available griddles powered by good old-fashioned electricity are available along with the aforementioned panini grill. Rounding out the options of available appliances is an oven capable of steam or convection cooking, or some combination of both.

The Libero Point captures all these devices and allows for them to be used in any environment. Perfect for a buffet room or other gathering hall where rogue scents may not be welcome, the Libero line is a versatile solution to mobile cooking needs.