EE to sell 4G iPad mini 'in coming weeks', likely to be pricey

EE has confirmed it'll be offering the iPad mini, as will Orange and T-Mobile. But the prices could be wince-inducingly high.

EE, the UK's first 4G network, has confirmed that it'll be flogging the iPad mini, offering shoppers the only way to get LTE speeds on Apple's tiny tablet. But at first blush things are looking expensive.

EE hasn't confirmed exactly how much it'll ask for the iPad mini on a data plan, but it has published 'tablet' plans for its 4G service. £25.99 per month gets you 2GB of 4G data, while £30.99 gets you 3GB and £35.99 nabs you 5GB.

Those are all on 24-month contracts, so you'd be tied into a rather pricey deal for some time. As with EE's smart phone tariffs, there's no unlimited data option on those 'tablet' plans. A lack of uncapped data has already generated complaints among prospective buyers.

A minimum of £26 per month would be a lot to pay over two years, just for the privilege of getting speedier data. It's possible that EE will offer a special iPad mini price, or some tempting deals that see you getting the tiny tablet at a heavily subsidised price, but based on the company's tablet plans and smart phone tariffs, I wouldn't hold your breath for a bargain.

I've contacted EE, and when we hear back about specific iPad mini prices we'll let you know as soon as possible. The new network is also going to be flogging the fourth-generation iPad, which comes with a speedier processor and the Lightning dock connector.

Meanwhile the iPad mini will also be coming to Orange and T-Mobile. You'll only get 3G speeds if you want the mini on these networks, but you'll probably be paying significantly less cash.

All three operators will be flogging Apple's two new tablets "in the coming weeks". Apple will start selling the mini and fourth-generation iPad on 2 November, so a glance at the calendar suggests the networks may be slightly later to the party than Apple itself.

Would you pay £26 per month to get a 4G-capable iPad mini? Is Apple's £269 tablet too expensive for your tastes? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

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