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Eco-friendly cooling on the go

Portable minifridge saves energy and the environment

Ethical Superstore
If you're anything like me, you'll be pretending that it's warm enough to be outdoors for as long as your imagination can carry you. Who says you can't go camping or have a picnic in late September? I'll be going to Central Park in my mittens and scarves if I have to, just so that I can enjoy the great outdoors as long as possible.

If I had a car, I'd be bringing this little Portable Eco Mini Fridge from Iactive with me on all of my early fall camping and cookout adventures. It's portable enough to plug into any AC outlet or into the 12-volt cigarette lighter in your car, and since it uses a super low amount of energy at 33 watts, it lets you keep your food cool without spending a boatload on electricity. It also cools without using refrigerant, notorious for containing chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

Still not convinced that you'll be able to fool yourself into drinking a cool beverage as September is drawing to a close? Thanks to the smart design of the portable fridge, you can flip a switch that reverses the refrigeration cycle and turns it into a heater instead. How cool is that?

The Eco Mini Fridge and other planet-friendly products can be found here.