Eat enough vitamin C

If you need to make sure that you're getting your daily dose of vitamin C, the Vitamin C Set may be what you need to make the process easier.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram

The Vitamin C Set Drink Stuff

I would much rather get my vitamin C from oranges and other fruits than have to take an extra pill every day. The fruits with plenty of vitamin C typically require special tools to peel and eat. Citrus fruits are tasty but dealing with the peel is time consuming. The Vitamin C Set includes what you need to deal with orange rind and more. The set includes two spoons, one with a green handle and one with an orange handle. The green spoon has teeth along its edge, allowing you to scoop grapefruit segments and peel kiwi fruit. The orange spoon's edge lets you peel citrus fruits like tangerines, clementines and, of course, oranges.

The Vitamin C Set comes in a gift box, in case you need an easy way to remind a friend or a relative to get their daily recommended amount of vitamin C. The spoons are also small enough that they can be used on the go; even more convenient, the spoons fold into the handles. They don't even reach 3 inches in length when folded up, so they're small enough to fit in most pockets even if you want to carry both spoons at once. The Vitamin C Set is available for approximately $20.