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Easily attachable StickR TrackR locates and tracks devices

The StickR TrackR works with an app to map your items.

As long as you can stick or hang the device on your item, StickR TrackR can track it.
Phone Halo

LAS VEGAS -- Last year we got a look at Phone Halo's thin and durable wallet tracker, and this year the company unveiled the smaller, more versatile StickR TrackR. The device works in conjunction with the TrackR iOS or Android app and easily attaches using -- naturally -- a sticker, or the attached keychain.

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The app displays how close you are to your tracked device within 100 feet, similar to a Wi-Fi range, and you can keep track of up to 10 devices. If you're ever out of range of your item, Crowd Source Tracking allows it to be found on your mobile device if another person using TrackR gets close to it. In a fortunate case of role reversal, you can also use the device to track your phone.

The Wallet TrackR is a durable tracker that fits in your wallet. Antuan Goodwin/CNET

The StickR TrackR costs $25 and there are no additional GPS fees after the initial cost aside from battery replacement, which lasts around six months. For more cool new products seen at CES 2014, click here.