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E3 2021 PC Gaming Show's highlights have something for everyone

From kid-friendly, adorable Tinykin to gory, bizarro 8-bit Project Warlock and stops in between.

Screenshot by Lori Grunin/CNET

This year's E3 PC Gaming Show hurled trailer after trailer of upcoming (and some already available) games at us, though as you'd expect there weren't many hotly anticipated games.

Premieres included:

Citizen Sleeper, a complex but cool-looking survival RPG where you're going to be put out of commission by An Evil Company.

Tinykin, an utterly adorbs 3D platformer we won't see until 2022.

Fighting fantasy RPG Soulstice, coming 2022.

Silt, a moody monochrome underwater adventure with woodcut-like graphics.

Lakeburg Legacies, a deck-building game about everyday life in a medieval village.

Humble Games' Dodgeball Academia, which is exactly what it says on the tin. Coming in 2021.

The 8-bit bloodshed-and-magic sequel Project Warlock 2.

Ixion, a space station strategy sim in which Earth is dying and you're the manager of a space station that's humanity's last hope.

Far Changing Tides (from Okomotive the developers of FAR: Lone Sails), where you're the captain of a ship in a flooded world searching for a new home. Coming in late 2021.

Wartales, a medieval turn-by-turn open-world RPG in which you play a mercenary, coming later this year.

Next Space Rebels just looks weird, but it's a game about home rocket building in an alternative future with the spirit of Hypnospace Outlaw. Coming this fall.