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Dyson may make wearable air purifiers that double as headphones, says report

It already makes floor-standing air purifiers.

Dyson might be able to help you deal with air pollution in the future.
Getty Images

A vacuum giant may be looking to hoover up some of the wearable tech market.

Dyson is considering making a wearable air purifier that could double as headphones, according to Bloomberg, which reported the company submitted patents for wearable air-purifying tech earlier this year.

Dyson didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Air purifiers are popular in Asia, especially in China where atmospheric pollution is a serious issue. Air purifiers remove pollutants through filtration, electrostatic precipitation or ionization. Many Chinese citizens also wear face masks when they go outside to avoid inhaling air pollution.

Dyson already makes the Pure Cool Tower and Pure Cool floor-standing air purifiers, which debuted in March. Other companies make portable air purifiers, though they aren't exactly portable. Wynd Technologies, for example, made a small device that filers the air near you.