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DXG DVH58: Geotate maps out first geotagging camcorder

GPS software leader Geotate has signed up with DXG to map out the first camcorder with built-in geotagging, the DXG DVH58

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Richard Trenholm

Geotate is the leading GPS software company, and camcorder manufacturer DXG is, er, a camcorder manufacturer. If you've never heard of DXG you're not alone, but with the announcement of the DVH58, the company has well and truly put itself on the map -- because it's the world's first integrated geotagging camcorder.

Geotagging means adding location information to a picture or video, so the results can be shown on a map. Bolt-on geotagging gizmos are available, or you can manually add pictures to maps with software or on sites such as Flickr. That's too much like hard work though, so we're excited about the potential of cameras and camcorders with the technology baked-in.

Details are sketchy at this stage, although we know that the camcorder will be based on DXG's DVH586 camcorder and will use Yuma geotagging software. Geotate software records basic location information in the picture or video metadata -- in a fraction of a second, so the speed of the camera isn't affected. It then fills out the data later, working out where it was when you connect to the Internet.

No pricing or availability is known as yet. We hope to see this by the end of the year, so we may well get our grubby mitts on it at CES 2009. -Rich Trenholm