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Dual Freeview tuner: Terratec Cinergy 2400i DT

Ever-keen to ruin our social lives, Terratec has just sent us its new dual Freeview tuner -- don't forget your TV licence

Most of us know television is bad for us. Daytime TV in particular is single-handedly responsible for the mass eradication of students' brain cells across the nation -- Trisha, you have a lot to answer for.

Here at Crave, we've turned to our PCs to escape the televisual plague, but it seems even computers aren't immune to this menace. Always keen to turn us all into gibbering TV monkeys, Terratec has just sent us its Cinergy 2400i DT -- the first dual Freeview PC tuner to hit UK shelves.

It'll turn your PC into the ultimate Freeview box, allowing you to watch one channel while recording another, or to record two broadcasts simultaneously. In other words, you can watch the Z-listers on Celebrity Big Brother while taping the ten o'clock news. It also lets you pause and rewind live TV.

It's one of the first cards we've seen that uses a PCI Express x1 connection, so you'll need a fairly modern PC to make use of it. It's compatible with Windows XP Media Center Edition and costs £80. -RR