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Drizzle some sweetness with silicone

Honey is notoriously hard to get out of the jar without making a mess. With the Honey Jar with Silicone Spoon, however, you can drizzle honey without getting yourself in a sticky situation.

The Honey Jar with Silicone Spoon

The Honey Jar with Silicone Spoon from Blomus combines an old-fashioned design with new materials. While the jar is similar to just about every other jar out there, the spoon is silicone. It's molded into the beehive shape used in many honey jars, but the material is enough to make drizzling honey on to your favorite foods much easier. The honey doesn't stick as well to the silicone. The stainless steel handle of the spoon is attached to the stopper that serves to seal the honey jar. Over all, the Honey Jar with Silicone Spoon is designed with use in mind, although it also looks pretty good sitting on a counter and works just as well to serve honey on the table.

You can pour honey straight from the jars you buy at the store into the Honey Jar with Silicone Spoon. It can be used to store honey, although it's probably best to clean it out by hand every once in a while. Depending on the quantity in which you buy honey, however, it may not be big enough to hold the entire jar. The stopper guarantees that leaving this honey jar on your shelf won't result in a sticky mess. The Honey Jar with Silicone Spoon is $25.