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Double the waffles in half the time

The Waring Pro Professional Double Waffle Maker cooks two Belgian-style waffles at a time.

All waffles, all the time.
Chef's Catalog

Shopping for a new waffle maker raises a few questions that one must be prepared to address. Familiarity with one's preferences must be determined before diving in, because once decided, there is no going back. (Unless, of course, dealing with returns and restocking fees aren't a concern.) Any decision has to factor in a wealth of variables, from how deep the pockets are to how powerful the waffle maker is (and hence, how crisp the exterior of the resulting waffles are). No matter what your preference, perhaps the biggest choice to make is how many waffles you want.

The Waring Pro Professional Double Waffle Maker (model WMK600) answers the question of waffle quantity by allowing for two to be made at a time. Using a rotary mechanism, the waffle maker flips the cooking surface and supplies an additional cooking plate on the other side. Not only is constant waffle preparation a benefit, but the process also helps to evenly cook the waffles.

The 1,800-watt unit is designed to supply enough power to cook all four sides at once. An integrated browning control lets users selected their preferred doneness level. The deep-pocketed Belgian-style waffles that this machine makes are done when a green LED indicator light (one for each side) illuminates. Time it right, and with a little practice, an endless procession of delicious waffles could be the answer you were looking for.