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Doom 2 on an ebook reader makes E Ink badass

This story is about Doom 2 on an ebook reader. You 'eard. Click here for the video.

This story is about Doom 2 on an ebook reader. You 'eard. The classic first-person shooter has blasted its way on to the E Ink screen of the PocketBook 360 Plus. Doom 2. On a piggin' ebook reader.

The game may be Hell On Earth, but it won't be hell on your eyes -- E Ink is used in ebook readers because the screens don't cause eyestrain, which is a problem with electrical screens when you stare at them for too long.

You can gaze at an E Ink screen all day without straining your ocular units -- but the downside is that E Ink only does black and white. Fine for reading text, but not great for displaying Web pages, videos or gouts of gore fountaining out of a demon's Super Shotgun-addled face.

Researchers are working on colour E Ink, which would mean you could browse the Web, read comics and play games without worrying about hurty eye. Even better, colour E Ink could also be used to make tanks go invisible. Invisible tanks -- E Ink is badass!

Even in monchrome the PocketBook makes a decent fist of the game, thanks to a new Freescale processor and the latest Pearl display from E Ink. It offers a much faster refresh rate than previous readers, which momentarily go blank in between pages.

In fact, the only reloading pause on this model is the second it takes your well-armed space marine to slam in a fresh clip before he gets back to kicking ass and taking names, rearranging enemy anatomy with his trusty sidearm. Grab your BFG9000 and click play on the video below to see some E Ink carnage.

You can also play Doom on your iPhone (here's the iTunes link) or Android phone (download from here or search on your Android Market), so you can relive those heady childhood memories of frenzied multiplayer stramashes wherever you are.