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See prankster take hoverboard for a slapstick drunken spin

Comedian Nathan Barnatt brought a hoverboard to Las Vegas to see how people would react to the sight of a drunk frat bro trying to hover across the Strip. He must have amazing health insurance.

The dangers of riding a hoverboard have been well documented. They can not only cause physical harm to riders who fall due to sudden, jerky movements on the part of the self-balancing scooters, but the gadgets also been known to suddenly burst into flames.

But there's a third danger that hasn't gotten a lot of attention: hoverboards operated under the influence of alcohol. Comedian Nathan Barnatt, also known as video game legend Keith Apicary, decided to see how people would react to the sight of a beered-up bro named Brice Onin riding one on the sidewalks of Las Vegas in a drunken stupor. Then he posted a video to his YouTube channel.

Barnatt is a very physical comedian who finds all sorts of unique ways to fall flat on his face and other parts of his body. He's also taken his love for physical comedy to some impressive extremes.

He's been kicked out of more than a few conventions as his alter-ego Apicary for doing things like rushing the stage during a panel with Peter Jackson and James Cameron during the 2009 San-Diego Comic Con so he could get a drink of water, and sliding down the glass facade of the San Diego Convention Center. So it was probably only a matter of time before he got his hands on a hoverboard and launched himself off of it a few times for our amusement.

It should be noted that Barnatt is only playing a character in his hoverboard video and isn't actually drunk, and also, shouldn't attempt anything you see in this video at home.