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A Donald Trump Bluetooth speaker as bold as the man himself

A Russian company invites audiophiles to play Donald Trump "like he's been playing you" with a Bluetooth speaker embedded in a bust of the GOP presidential nominee.

The Trump tower of sound.
Sound of Power

Finally, you can get Donald Trump to say or sing whatever, whenever and wherever you want.

Sound of Power is commemorating Trump's official nomination for president by the Republican Party by adding a bust of The Donald to its line of high-end speakers in the shape of some of the world's more controversial leaders.

"It's with pride we present the final character in the Sound of Power series, Donald the Great. Offering you to play Donald like he's been playing you," reads the catty description of the speaker on the company website. "Donald the Great is portrayed as an emperor, a shiny white man with exquisite details, including his life-like expression, signature haircut, completed with a toga held together with a dollar coin."

The Donald the Great speaker is being produced as a limited edition of only 100 total units. It comes equipped with a full-range driver and matching amplifier that serves as a stand at a retail price of $2,220 (about £1,665, AU$2,940).

Sound of Power is based in Russia and its speakers are produced in Sweden. Other recognizable and sometimes divisive busts in the collection include Margaret Thatcher, Vladimir Putin, Pablo Escobar and Kim Jong-Un.

What does the Donald himself think about the "honor" of joining the collection? We haven't asked him just yet, but we definitely plan to during his Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session Wednesday night.