How to dominate CES 2016 (Hint: we'll help you)

CES is huge. It's wild. It's exciting, and we'll be there even if you can't to show you what's coming in technology in 2016.

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There is no better stage for learning about every exciting moment at CES 2016.

Good grief. We just ditched our New Years Day sweatpants, and CES 2016 is almost here.

There's no better way to kick a new year off than to fill our suitcases with work jackets and party clothes, then head to the world's biggest technology trade show. And we hope you come with us -- because when it comes to covering 2.4 million square feet of the CES' show floor, the more company the merrier.

If you'll be at the show, make sure to stop by the unmissable CNET stage in the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall where CNET will live broadcast major interviews and product demos. Or head to Tech West, where quirky and edgy products show up -- and if you're feeling gutsy, submit your own product to us for possible coverage.

Visit CES 2016 yourself thanks to VR

But if you can't make the show (after all, it's only open to industry professionals -- general public has to watch from the outside), we're going to do you a solid and cover every inch of the show so that you can feel like you're right there with us. Like -- literally -- right there, since we'll being doing show floor tours in 360 video so that you can join us via Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR. CNET host Brian Tong will host our first-of-its-kind virtual tour on Thursday, January 7, taking you the best spots right on the Las Vegas show floor, and we'll partner with IM360, the same folks who helped us bring you our VR tour at E3 in Los Angeles this past May.

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All the live coverage you can possibly devour

Our coverage starts much sooner, though. Our comprehensive CES package already documents all our major predictions and gives you the details you need to make sure you miss absolutely nothing. This includes our three major panels, where CNET experts will change the way you think about how tech is growing and changing, from our standing-room-only live Next Big Thing supersession with Brian Cooley and Tim Stevens (and Susan Bennett, the real live voice of Siri) to our Smart Home panel with yours truly, CNET's own Rich Brown, along with big names from Amazon, Samsung and Big Ass Fans. Then circle back for more with Mr. Tim Stevens on the future of connected cars.

Of course, we'll also live stream and give you the most important headlines from all the major press events, too. I personally recommend making sure you tune into our live streams of Intel CEO Brian Krzanich's keynote as well as the Samsung, LG and Sony press events -- to name just a few of the many we'll be covering in real-time -- all on Tuesday, January 5. But don't worry: you can always check in here to make sure you don't miss the coverage you care about. We'll start by sending legions of editors to cover the official CES kickoff press event -- CES Unveiled -- on Monday night, January 4.

With 90-plus CNET staffers on the floor, no tiny corner of the show will go undocumented, and you can gorge yourself on our updates by following us in all your favorite social ways. Here are the basics, but you'll also be able to visit our CES page for a neverending stream of our discoveries. In the meantime, get started here:

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