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Do away with the one-size-fits-all fridge

Thermador Freedom Collection refrigerator features an adjustable-height shelf that moves vertically with the touch of a button.

The adjustable Liberty Shelf moves to accomodate bigger bowls
If there's one thing I could use more of in my refrigerator, it's vertical height. If your refrigerator door is buckling under the weight of several bottles of wine and cartons of milk and juice, then you know what I'm talking about.

For some reason, most refrigerators have not been designed with these vertically challenged containers in mind, and when I run out of space in the door, I have to stuff bottles on their sides on the middle shelf in a pyramid of glass and plastic that takes up all of the room and often leaks out into a sticky mess.

Meet the Thermador Freedom collection of refrigerators, which allow you to automatically adjust the shelves in your fridge at the touch of a button.

The icebox comes equipped with something called a "liberty shelf," which you can adjust electronically, even when it's fully loaded. In accordance with the liberty theme, the refrigerator also has what Thermador calls "freedom hinges," which can open up to an angle of 115 degrees so that the outer door can sit flush with the surrounding wall panels without having to worry about it bumping into anything when you open it.

An added perk of the Thermador Freedom is visibility. In addition to its sleek-looking glass shelves, it uses full-length halogen towers and overhead halogen spotlights, so you can see all of your food clearly and avoid any undue rotten apples. It also uses a bottom freezer drawer instead of the traditional left-side or top freezer.
Pictured here from left to right: the Thermador Collection's Fresh Food Column, Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, and Freezer Column Thermador via HGTV

Thermador's Freedom collection also features free-standing Fresh Food and Freezer Columns (think of a side-by-side refrigerator cut in half) and a Wine Storage Column. You can check them out on their Web site.