DJI opens drone arena to let enthusiasts stretch their wings

The drone enthusiasts among us no longer have to settle for parks and lots -- as long as they live in South Korea.


Until now, drone enthusiasts have had to go to parks, lots or, if they're really lucky, empty stadiums to skylark drone-style. That changes now -- at least for those in Korea.

Drone maker DJI said this week it's opening a drone arena in Yongin, South Korea, later this month. The 1,395-square-metre venue will be kitted out with an LED-lit racing circuit, maintenance workstations, safety nets and a screen giving flyers a first-person view from their drone.

The DJI Arena is designed to both give those new to drones a chance at learning the aerial ropes and to give more experienced drone pilots a place to stretch their wings.

Drones are becoming serious business around the world, with prize pools for racing tournaments getting into the seven-figure range. On the business side, Amazon will soon begin testing drones as a means to deliver its products to customers.