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Dinner music from the table

The Lovegrove & Repucci Concerto Table is a dinner table that houses two speakers and an iPod dock. Featuring a surprising design, the elegant table is perfect for entertaining.

Sit down and tune in.
Sit down and tune in.
Lovegrove & Repucci

Setting down to dinner accompanied by some tasteful tunes has always been an appetizing way to start a meal. As the silverware clinks together, the sounds mingle with voices and music and create a soundtrack that seemingly enhances the food. Surroundings are taken into account, and the high-gloss enamel of the table is observed; the music seems to be emanating from within the dinner table itself. As it's an odd place for music to be, one steps back and examines the table in full: it is a piano, with an iPod placed where the sheet music would go.

This is the Lovegrove & Repucci Concerto Table and it makes for a striking presentation. It features two 50-watt speakers connected to an iPod dock, and comes complete with a cutlery drawer where the keys would be. A soundboard where the speakers are installed can be opened, further mimicking a baby grand piano. When closed, the music still plays, providing a subtle soundtrack to the evening.

With seating for four when the soundboard is opened, the table offers a unique approach to musical chairs. With the soundboard closed, sight lines are more traditional, although the cutaway creates its own seating adventure. No matter how the table is arranged and the seating configured, guests will certainly remember the meal, regardless of what was served.

(As an added fun bonus, Lovegrove & Repucci has put together a recipe selection for dinner, here.)