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Diamond-studded pan redefines haute cuisine

For just $200,000, you can have a diamond-and-gold-studded saucepan.

Fissler diamond saucepan

Here's one for the wedding registry: a gold-and-diamond-studded pot that carries a price tag just north of $200,000. The 11-inch saucepan from cookware manufacturer Fissler features almost 2.2 pounds of solid gold in its lid and side handles and logo. But what's gold without diamonds? The saucepan features 200 of them, in various sizes. It also comes packaged in a jewelry box made of root wood and accompanied by the appropriate quality certificate.

The costly cookware is not exactly being mass-produced: Each saucepan is handmade to order in Germany and available only to "the exclusive clientele of the London department store Harrods." In fact, the pot's creators applied for the Guinness World Record designation as the most precious piece of cookware in the world.

But its luxe trimmings don't mean that the Diamond Pot is just for display. The Daily Mail reports that the pricey pan functions like any other piece of cookware, making it the most exquisite vessel imaginable for your mac and cheese.

Via Luxury Launches