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Destiny will have level boost for The Taken King

If you're thinking about getting into Destiny with The Taken King, you'll be able to skip the level grind.

Destiny: The Taken King launches next month, and it'll increase the game's level cap from 34 to 40. But new players don't have to worry about having to grind out all the levels: the expansion will include a level boost to get you ready for the expansion's new content.

In an interview with Polygon, community manager Deej revealed that purchases of The Taken King include a one-time boost to players' levels. It comes in the form of a consumable that you can use if you wish to skip the initial grind in the game. But this boost isn't limited to new players -- old players, as well, who wish to quickly rise the ranks and be competitive with other players in The Taken King can use it.

Deej wouldn't give many details on it. He simply said that it would let players be "poised on the starting line of The Taken King." We'll be asking for clarification on this soon.

The Taken King launches on September 15, and recently Bungie revealed a whole lot of new details about the changes and additions coming with the expansion. You'll be able to test out guns before you buy them, but your current legendary gear won't be upgradable. However, the Light system of leveling has been abandoned, letting you rank up simply by playing the game.