Designers hatch egg-themed products

The Form trio of kitchen tools takes its shape from a flawless egg, and we dream of egg furniture.

Normann Copenhagen

Will product designers ever stop finding inspiration in the simple shape of an egg? The smooth, rounded shape of the Form trio of kitchen tools owes its existence to a photograph of an egg admired by designer Charles Job. The set consists of an egg timer, an egg slicer and a salt and pepper set that snap together. Each tool is available in your choice of sleek black or white plastic. "Boil an egg; slice it and eat it with salt and pepper--that is the essence of Form," says the product Web site.

Pianeta Sudest

To take the theme a little further, why not enjoy your salt-and-pepper sliced eggs on an egg-inspired table? We saw this one, with a lazy-susan yolk, in the portfolio of Italian architect Valentina Audrito. The table was part of an eggs-hibition (sorry, I couldn't help myself) outside the Milan Furniture Fair in 2006, which also included the whimsical sunny-side up shag rug. Egg-cellent!

Form Trio via Sci Fi Tech