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Dell XPS 18 enormo-tablet shown off in hands-on video

Dell's new XPS 18 is an 18-inch all-in-one computer, which also operates as a ginormous tablet.

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Dell's new XPS 18 is an 18-inch all-in-one computer, which also operates as a ginormous tablet, showing that the fashion for increasingly large touchscreens isn't limited to smart phones. Dell's Jaap van Leewen gives us a guided tour in this video.

The XPS 18 is adorned with a sizeable 1080p multi-touch display, which allows plenty of room for error if you're poking those lovely colourful Windows 8 tiles with your porky digits.

Along with a wireless keyboard and mouse, a power stand with a magnetic fastening is included for everyday desktop use. You can easily pop the device out of the slot for more casual gaming or browsing, using it in exactly the same way you would a normal tablet. At 2.2kg, it might be rather uncomfortable to rest on your lap in the way you might a 10-inch slate, but two little kickstands on the rear allow you prop it up at two different angles.

Tucked away inside the base model is a dual-core Intel processor with optional SSD storage. It will be possible to upgrade the computer's innards, but expect a steep rise in price if you opt for a more sophisticated machine. It offers around 5 hours of battery life, which should suffice, as you're unlikely to take it very far from its docking station.

Dell isn't the first PC manufacturer to the tabletop computer party (sounds wild!), with Sony, Asus and Lenovo also offering up similar devices. The XPS 18 is more petite than Sony's 20-inch Tap 20 and the 27-inch Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27, but this is still a new concept, so the optimum screen size for these hybrid devices is still up for debate.

The XPS 18 is scheduled to hit shop shelves on 16 April and will start at £849 for the basic model. Is Dell's latest effort the ideal hybrid home computer? Fumble around in the comments below, or over on our touchy-feely Facebook page.