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Dell shows off 10-inch Windows 7 tablet, with Android version to come

Dell is planning a 10-inch tablet running Microsoft's Windows 7 OS later this year, and showed off a non-working mock-up of the device at an event in the US.

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Dell is working on a 10-inch tablet running Windows 7, for release later this year. The company showed off a non-working model of the device at a US event yesterday, and our buddies at CNET.com were in attendance. It looks like a bigger version of the Dell Streak, but will be aimed more at businesses.

You want specs? A release date? Likely pricing? You don't got 'em. Dell kept details of the new device firmly under wraps, other than saying it will use an Intel processor. Dell's pitch for the device is about as far as you can get from Apple's 'magical' iPad rhetoric, mind.

"The upcoming tablet is designed for end-users who need greater mobility, as well as IT organisations that demand control, security, manageability and integration with existing infrastructure investments," drones the company. "Dell's tablet will empower a more mobile workforce in a way that offers customers the business applications and corporate data they need, while meeting regulatory mandates and IT requirements."

Angry Birds may not be a priority, in other words. Even if that's what most mobility-craving IT organisation workers will spend most of their tablet time playing.

Dell did confirm that the Windows 7 tablet will be accompanied by an Android version, which we assume will have less of a corporate focus, although it is unclear at this stage whether it will take the Streak name or not. We were fairly impressed by the original 5-inch Streak tablet last year, although notably more so when its software was updated to Android 2.2.

We'll leave the Windows 7 tablet to the suits, but a 10-inch Streak will be an interesting prospect -- although given competition from the likes of the Motorola Xoom and LG Optimus Pad (not to mention Apple's iPad 2), Dell will have to pull out all the stops to stand out from the crowd.

Photo credit: CNET.com