Dell Precision 5470: Packing Peak Performance in a Small Laptop

Dell says the Precision 5470 is the smallest, thinnest and most powerful laptop in the world.

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Joshua Goldman
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The Precision 5470 is the most powerful 14-inch workstation ever made. 


Dell's Precision 5470, which was unveiled Thursday, is the world's smallest, thinnest and most powerful 14-inch workstation, according to the PC-maker. Designed for creators, engineers and other specialty professionals, the Precision 5470 is the first to be built around a 12th-gen Intel Core H-series processor.

Available in April with pricing coming soon, the 5470 can be configured with up to 4TB of storage, up to 64GB of DDR5 memory and up to an Nvidia RTX A1000 graphics chip. A new cooling system had to be developed by Dell engineers to optimize system performance, Dell said in its announcement. 

On the Precision 5470, Dell will also introduce the latest version of its Optimizer software that uses AI to learn your work patterns and the most-used software to automatically adjust performance and battery based on your usage habits. New presence-detection features improve privacy by locking the laptop when you walk away and unlocking it when you return. It can also dim the display when you look away or someone approaches from behind you. It can also simultaneously connect to multiple networks -- wired or wireless -- so you never drop a connection as you move around the office. 


The upcoming 13.3-inch Latitude 7330 Ultralight weighs a fraction over 2 pounds. 


The Precision 5470 will be joined in April by several new Latitude business laptops including two other record-setting models for Dell. The Latitude 7330 Ultralight is the world's smallest and lightest 13.3-inch premium commercial 16:9 laptop. Then there's the Latitude 9430 laptop or two-in-one that's the world's smallest 14-inch 16:10 business PC. 

Dell also announced it will update other Latitude 7000- and 5000-series models with 12th-gen Intel Core processors and introduce a new Latitude 3300, which is a sub-$1,000 13-inch model available in a laptop or two-in-one design. All of these models will also feature Dell's Optimizer software.