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Dell E207WFP: £155 20-inch monitor shocker

You're selling a 20-inch widescreen monitor with excellent specs for a measly £155? Surely there must be some mistake, Mr Dell?

Someone at Dell has made a terrible, terrible mistake. We're not sure whether it's the marketing folks, the work experience boy or pesky hackers, but we've just seen an official press release listing a new 20.1-inch widescreen monitor for $289 (£155 -- WTF?).

At that price, you'd think the E207WFP was made of old pencil shavings, but it's actually pretty good -- according to the specifications we've been given. It has a 5ms response time, runs at a native resolution of 1,680x1,050 pixels and has an HDMI connector with HDCP (high-bandwidth digital content) protection, so it's ready to play forthcoming copy-protected video. And it costs £155.

Dell's press release says it's aimed at gamers and video- and photo-editing enthusiasts (that's pretty much everybody), and we'd have to say that on face value it has absolutely no competition. You'd be an absolute idiot to buy anything else in the 17-20-inch segment.

Despite the press release saying the E207WFP is "available immediately worldwide", our geezer at Dell says you'll probably have to wait a "couple of weeks" before it hits the UK. He then went on to suggest we buy the Dell Ultrasharp 2007WF 20-inch instead, as it's on special offer for £311. Not likely, mate.

We'll bring you a full review of the E207WFP when we get one. -RR

Update: We now have a live review of the Dell E207WFP live in our Reviews channel.