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Death Star toaster: 'Luke, I am your breakfast'

You can have your toast on either the dark side or the light side with this Death Star-shaped kitchen appliance.

Use the toaster, Luke.

The Fowndry

The Death Star toaster is a curious thing. It's obviously modeled after Darth Vader's deadly ride, but its form is restricted by the requirements of being a toaster, so it's a truncated version of the usual Death Star sphere. No matter. Your Star Wars fandom allows some leeway when it comes to product design.

What's important here is that you will wake up in the morning, stumble groggily into the kitchen, flip the switch on your coffee maker, catch sight of your planet-destroying toaster and start merrily humming the Imperial March.

The toaster sears the classic Star Wars logo onto every piece of bread. It's officially licensed and can handle two pieces of toast at a time. It has reheat, defrost and quick-stop functions. That defrost feature should come in handy when you need to thaw the occasional wampa arm. There's also a removable crumb tray to make Death Star maintenance easy.

There's no word on whether the toaster is vulnerable to a trench-run attack. You might want to keep the Jedi away from it just in case.

There is a long and proud tradition of Star Wars-related kitchen appliances. There's a Death Star waffle maker, a life-size rolling R2-D2 refrigerator, a DIY Boba Fett KitchenAid mixer and the famous Darth Vader-helmet toaster. You could collect them all and start throwing elaborate Sith brunches featuring space waffles, meatlump and cushnip. Yes, those are actual Star Wars food names.

The Death Star toaster is available to preorder through UK retailer The Fowndry for about $67 (£50, AU$91). It is due in stock in late September, which should give you plenty of time to plan your toast toppings. I hear bantha tartare is sublime.

(Via That's Nerdalicious)