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D.I.Y. soda

The iSi Twist 'n Sparkle is a compact gadget for creating carbonated beverages. Small and easy to use, the system consists of two reusable bottles and a sparkling wand.

Create your own never-before-seen carbonated beverages.
Create your own never-before-seen carbonated beverages.

Soda is known for many things, convenience being among them. The ubiquity of the sweet beverage is evidenced by its presence on shelves from the smallest corner stores to the largest grocery chains. Soda may be available everywhere, but even with a plethora of choices, its ready availability doesn't necessarily mean the flavor one is looking for will be accessible. Or even exist.

As with many things in life, sometimes it's best just to do it yourself. This happens to also include creating carbonated beverages. The iSi Twist 'n Sparkle is a beverage carbonating system that makes it easy to produce unique drinks. Useful for more than just creating sodas, the system can be used to add effervescence to almost any beverage, even plain water.

The system consists of a sparkling wand that accepts standard-size chargers and a set of two reusable BPA-free bottles and provides a compact and easy-to-use method to carbonate beverages. As it provides a great way to control ingredients, the soda-maker actually encourages (or at least allows) for the creation of healthy fizzy drinks. It only takes about a minute to disperse the CO2 within the one-quart container, meaning that a beverage truly of your own creating can take less time to make than would a trip to the store.