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Curly fries at home

If you've ever gotten a craving for curly fries, the Curly Fry Cutter might be perfect for your kitchen, especially if you don't want to drop everything to get your fry fix.

The Curly Fry Cutter
The Curly Fry Cutter

There's just something about curly fries that consistently seems cooler than regular french fries. It may seem like the way you cut potatoes couldn't matter much, but just a little change automatically seems better. The Curly Fry Cutter from Progressive allows you to turn potatoes in your kitchen into curly fries without much trouble. By using the cutter's unique threaded handle to hold your potatoes in place, you can quickly slice or spiral cut your fries without any safety concerns. The cutter uses stainless steel blades, but its construction keeps them far away from your fingers. The Curly Fry Cutter holds up to 3 cups, which means you can make plenty of fries in one go. Even better, the cutter is dishwasher safe, provided you use the top rack. It entirely disassembles and you can nest the pieces together so they're easy to store.

The Curly Fry Cutter does make it possible to get a treat that I've had trouble finding anywhere: curly sweet potato fries. Though straight sweet potato fries are becoming more common, you have to make the curly version yourself most of the time. All you need is a fryer. The Curly Fry Cutter is available for $26.99.