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Cure iPhone envy with AT&T LG Vu, free with 2-year contract

Save a whopping $300 off the AT&T price by ordering the phone through Wirefly. You don't even have to wait on a rebate.

Get LG's top-rated Vu free with contract. No rebates, no catches, just a smokin' deal. Wirefly

Buy an LG Vu directly from AT&T and it'll cost you $300 (after rebate) with a two-year contract. Buy an LG Vu from Wirefly and it'll cost you zilch.

Well, for the phone anyway: contracts start at $39.99 monthly, not including a mandatory data plan ($15 or $35 monthly), and there's a $36 activation fee. However, you get a free Bluetooth headset and free shipping as part of the deal, and there's not a rebate in sight.

The touchscreen-powered Vu gives the iPhone a run for the money, at least in a few areas. It offers haptic feedback (meaning it vibrates when you press the screen), voice dialing, stereo Bluetooth, and AT&T's optional Mobile TV service (which is fantastic--just make sure you live or work in an area that has coverage).

I do have a few quibbles with this model, like the need to remove the battery to access the microSD slot, the nonstandard headphone jack, and the lack of GPS. That said, CNET liked the Vu quite well, as did users, who rated it four stars out of five on average.

To take advantage of this deal (which doesn't have an expiration date and therefore may end at any time), you need to be a new AT&T customer. Just head to the site and search for "LG Vu."