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Cuisinart SmarTrack keeps noses in the know

The Cuisinart SmarTrack food storage containers come with embedded QR codes. When used in tandem with a dedicated app, the system can keep track of expiration dates and location.

The Cuisinart SmarTrack food storage containers will send you an alert warning you when food will go bad.
The Cuisinart SmarTrack food storage containers will send you an alert warning you when food will go bad. Cuisinart

We've all done it: peeled back the lid of something in the fridge and cringed at the scent of something that would make a bloodhound cry. It could be leftovers from weeks ago or it could be fresh produce that is not so fresh any longer. But it is not always obvious when food has gone bad. So, what's the first thing we do when we find something questionable lurking in the fridge? That's right: ask somebody else to smell it.

Noses no need longer fear the contents of mysterious containers with Cuisinart's upcoming SmarTrack. What at first appears to be an everyday food storage solution, houses a secret hidden in plain sight. In every container, a QR code is embedded. When scanned with the upcoming dedicated smartphone app, the user will be able to enter food type and have the system associate expiration dates with individual containers.

Available starting in November, it's easy to see that the Cuisinart SmarTrack containers will be capable of doing more than simply keeping track of food expiration dates (so marker pens need not quite worry yet). The app connects to Cuisinart's recipe database and allows for input of personal recipes and will have sharing features as well. More importantly, the system will also be able to also keep track of location. Considering that most of us do not have cavern-sized refrigerators, this makes the storage containers useful for items well beyond the kitchen -- no bloodhound needed.

The will be available in a variety of different sizes ranging from $3.99 for a 7-oz. container to $29.99 for a 12-piece set.