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Cuisinart Electric Rotisserie is nothing to spit at

The Cuisinart Electric Rotisserie features a large capacity with easy to use features.

The enticing aroma is sure to make your house the most popular on the block. Williams Sonoma

In a perfect world, every house would have a fire perpetually burning with a huge spit of roasted meat gently turning. The aroma alone would be enough to convince me that I had found paradise. Assuming, of course, that I would actually be able to eat said meal, and this wasn't some ironic "Twilight Zone"-inspired alternate universe. Eternally rotating fire-roasted slabs of meat will have to wait for most of us, but there is another option to bring home an appliance that at least captures the spirit of warmth, comfort, and the fire pit.

The Cuisinart Electric Rotisserie is such a device. Measuring 17-inches high, with a footprint of 16-inches by 15.5-inches, the countertop rotisserie packs an impressive punch into a relatively small area. Not only does it take up less room that a fire pit, but the rotisserie is also easy to clean. It features removable chrome inserts with a nonstick interior and dishwasher-safe accessories. Operation is easy via a programmable touch pad and LCD readout. A three-hour timer and automatic shut-off further add ease to the experience.

The modern features may be nice, but it is the food that rotisserie cooking produces that will ultimately win you over. Slowly turning on a vertical spit evenly roasts anything and everything from fish to poultry and roasts. The rotisserie has a temperature range from 325 degrees to 450 degrees, and it also features a roomy interior capable of accommodating larger items such as an 8-pound roast. Considering how delicious your abode is going to smell after getting this rotisserie in action, it's a good thing it can handle large amounts of food, as it will attract new friends from all over the neighborhood. For now, at least, that perfect world will have to wait.