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Cubby instant beta access for CNET Australia readers

Cubby is LogMeIn's play for the synchronised cloud storage market. Currently in beta, Cubby is offering instant access to 5000 CNET Australia readers.

Cubby, the cloud sync storage service from LogMeIn, is currently in closed beta. But Cubby has opened the doors for CNET Australia readers to dive in immediately and see what you think. Yes, that means you.

A Cubby for your files.(Credit: Cubby)

If you've used Dropbox or one of the other many cloud storage services before, you'll have a sense of what Cubby is doing. We've covered Cubby ourselves, too.

The key selling point for Cubby is some smart security options on top of the basic idea of synchronised cloud storage. You can choose any folder anywhere on your computer to share via Cubby. As well as sharing the folder through standard synchronisation, you can also share a folder with other Cubby users or other computers without ever having that data stored in the cloud. Using LogMeIn's remote-connection smarts, Cubby can open a private pipe directly between the computers when they are both online to share and sync data, avoiding the obvious security issues that many people associate with letting their private data be stored in the cloud on a computer system that they do not control, which is possibly in a legal jurisdiction that they do not trust.

The great thing with cloud services is how easy it is to try them without making an overly serious commitment. So when Cubby offered an instant access link for CNET Australia readers, we figured it was well worth sharing with you all.

Give Cubby a try and let us know what you think below. Or tell us which cloud storage service has been working best for you.

Get instant access to the Cubby beta now.