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Crushing Lego toys with a hydraulic press is harder than you think

Witness the awesome power of a hydraulic press as it tries to squish a Lego minifig bent on escaping its crushing fate.

Hydraulic presses are hot on the Internet right now. People can't get enough of watching objects like bowling balls, alarm clocks and bubble wrap suffer under massive amounts of pressure. The latest show on the YouTube Hydraulic Press Channel involves a Lego minifig and a red brick.

The Lego stood there bravely for a moment as the metal cylinder descended from above. The brown-haired figure went flying off the platform as the press came down, squirting away to temporary safety. But the Lego minifig wasn't long for this world. The press operator put him back in position, laying down this time. There was no way out, no last-minute James Bond heroics to save him. Goodbye, minifig, we hardly knew you.

Nothing gets past the press. It's fascinating to watch a 3D Lego toy reduced to a plastic potato chip. The Lego brick didn't fare much better. It even got stuck to the top of the press.

The press operator wasn't content with just a single minifig and a brick, so he sent an entire construction project under the press. Two Lego vehicles met their maker in a shattering display of unstoppable pressure. As with the minifig, parts of the plastic vans escaped. Those Lego creations are slippery.

Hydraulic presses are often used in machine shops for forming metal or punching holes. As it turns out, they're also a fabulous source of entertainment.