Crepes on your counter

The Tibos Electric Crepe Maker offers you the ability to make crepes at home, even if you aren't a professional crepe maker.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram
The Tibos Electric Crepe Maker
The Tibos Electric Crepe Maker Williams-Sonoma

I tend to know I'm on vacation when I can get crepes for breakfast a couple of days running. Sure, I can go out and get a crepe at home, but it's hotels, cruises, and other vacation spots where I really seem to be able to get my fill of the decadent dishes. I've tried making crepes at home before, which ended with a bit of a mess, but the Tibos Electric Crepe Maker makes crepes something you really can do in your own kitchen. The crepe maker is, in fact, made by a French company that also supplies restaurants with their crepe makers, although this version has been made with the nonprofessional in mind.

The Tibos Electric Crepe Maker comes with a ladle, a wooden rabot (spreader), a spatula and a cleaning brush. It's designed so that the spreader slips into a groove on the crepe maker so you can get thin, perfect crepes every time you cook. The Tibos Electric Crepe Maker is thermostatically controlled, so it cooks evenly, and it has an indicator light that will help you keep it at the ideal temperature for cooking crepes. You can even use it as a griddle to cook other breakfast items along with your crepes. The crepe maker is available for $149.95.