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Crave goes to Vegas

Hear that? It's the blissful sound of silence. Because Crave's gone to Vegas! Fear not, though, the intrepid Crave monkeys will be reporting back on all the hottest new gadget trends from this year's Consumer Electronics Show, surely the greatest show on Earth

Tumbleweed is rattling through the Crave-o-sphere, with most of the Crave monkeys currently in transit to Las Vegas. Crave is off to the Consumer Electronics Show, the world's largest and most exciting technology show. If it isn't at CES, it's either unimportant or something from Apple (which spends CES in the bathroom, primping and preening for its grand entry at Macworld, 9-13 January in San Francisco).

Along with competition winner James Davies, the Crave monkeys have been cast out into the desert, equipped only with a canteen of warm water and a pair of tweezers for removing cactus spines. Before they can return to civilisation, they must track down and report on all the coolest, shiniest, maddest, baddest and most revolutionary gadgets of 2006. While the vultures circle and the scorpions hiss, the monkeys will be tracking the trends, spotting the surprises and coveting all the upcoming technology.

Celebrities they might brush past include comedian Dana Carvey, telling jokes on behalf of telecoms giant Verizon; Stevie Wonder, singing for Monster Cable Products; the Goo Goo Dolls, rocking for Samsung Telecommunications; and NASCAR driver Kyle Busch, crashing the Delphi party. But the monkeys will be far too busy getting their paws on the latest gadgets to pause for a handshake or an autograph. They'll be more interested in fondling the new DVD and hard-drive camcorders; gawping at the smaller, thinner, lighter and yet more feature-packed laptops; licking the latest portable video players from the likes of Archos, Cowon and Creative; meeting Honda's Asimo and Sony's Qrio robots; pretending to be scintillated by new networking technologies such as ZigBee and Wireless USB; and attempting to photograph televisions that are larger than elephants.

We'll have details of all this and much more tomorrow and through the rest of the week, so keep checking back for updates, and visit our CES 2006 Special Report for more coverage. -ML