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Crave does Vegas: CES 2009 is coming!

Forget Christmas, the time every good Craver looks forward to is the first week of January, when the gadget world descends on Las Vegas, Nevada, for the Consumer Electronics Show

'Tis the season to be jolly, Cravemeisters! Yes, it's getting on for that time of year when the right-thinking gadget fan can set aside all other considerations and concentrate solely on gizmo goodness. It's the time of year when we know we'll be served up with the latest technological treats. Christmas? Bah humbug! We're talking about the Consumer Electronics Show, true believer. Yes, it's nearly time for the insanity of CES 2009!

For the uninitiated, CES is only the biggest date in the tech calendar. The show itself is on 8-11 January at the Las Vegas Convention Centre in Nevada, but tech hacks, manufacturers and hangers-on converge on Sin City even before the New Year's Eve hangovers have subsided, as a round of press conferences reveal the big players' plans for the coming year.

Your favourite irascible television reviewer Ian Morris will be cocking a snook at TVs bigger than your house -- could we see a 200-inch telly this year? Don't bet against it. Rory 'reckless' Reid will be turning heads as usual, taking in the latest wacky robots -- exciting -- and super-powered chipsets -- boring -- with his own inimitable panache. Your humble camera Craver Rich Trenholm will also be tirelessly seeking out the most interesting technological breakthroughs, and all without the aid of a safety net or painkilling medication.

If the wait is too much for you, take a look at our coverage of last year's gadget extravaganza. Our favourite is the moment we shot a random stranger with 70,000 volts of electricity, and he hadn't even spilt our pint or looked at our bird.

What will be the biggest story of the new tech year? How big can televisions get? Will your intrepid Cravers make it through a week in Vegas without losing their touch, their shirts or even their minds? All these questions and more will be answered in the next thrilling installment of CNET at CES. Hurray!