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Corsair launches Cherry MX RGB customisable keyboards, mice

Two new gaming keyboards feature backlit keys that can be individually colour customised.

Watching the key colors change is quite magical. Nic Healey/CNET

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Corsair's gamer-centric keyboards and mice have some new mates.

Originally seen at CES 2014, Corsair formally launched the Cherry MX RGB keyboards and mouse at a rather lavish event here ahead of the first day of Computex 2014.

All the products are essentially updates to existing Corsair devices with one new feature: the Cherry MX RGB keys allow for each individual key to be colour-customised. In fact, according to Corsair, they allow for 16.8 billion colours to be assigned on a per-key basis.

The keyboards are new versions of the already popular K95 and K70 products. The K95 has 18 macro keys that can be programmed with 108 macros or presets. It's made of aircraft grade aluminium and it'll cost you US$190. That translates to AUD$205 and £144, though no official prices were given for those areas for any of the products.

The K95 showing a different colour combo. Nic Healey/CNET

The K70 is a slight step down, without the macro keys of the K95. If you're the kind of person who knows about key types, the K95 will only be available with red key switches, but the K70 will have red, brown and blue switch types. It will cost US$170 (AUD$184 and £101).

Corsair also popped the RGB tech into a gaming mouse -- the M65 has three lighting zones for the full range of 16.8 billion colours. It's going to retail at US$70 (AU$75 and £42).

If you're wondering why you want to have the option to customise the backlighting on each individual key to such a ridiculous extent, there two reasons I can think of. The obvious is that it allows gamers to highlight the keys specific to their game of choice, or even colour-code the keys involved in a particular attack or defence progression.

Secondly, it looks really, really cool.

All three products will arrive before August.