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Cookies with coffee in mind

Cookies go great with coffee or tea, and the Coffee Cup Cookie Cutters just bring them closer together.

The Coffee Cup Cookie Cutters Solutions

I have a bad habit of dunking my cookies in my tea, hot chocolate or even hot cider. There's just something about hot drinks and cookies that go together. I try to have at least a few cookies on hand whenever I serve coffee or tea, and the Coffee Cup Cookie Cutters add a little something special to those cookies--no matter how fast I had to whip them up. The cookies that these cutters make provide a handy notch so you can hang the cookies on the side of the mug: they're available in four different shapes that hint at a heart, a flower, a star and a tree. While those options can seem a little seasonal, options like the star really can work year-round. The resulting cookies are approximately 2.5 inches square, minus that missing notch. That's just about the perfect size for a sugar cookie.

The Coffee Cup Cookie Cutters are made from 18/10 stainless steel and are dishwasher-safe. They have a handle to make the cookie-cutting process that much easier, although those notches may require a little extra care when you're transferring cookies to a baking sheet. The cookie cutters are available individually for $5.99.