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Cook it fast or cook it slow

The Fagor 3-in-1 Electric Multicooker combines three popular appliances into one.

What's for dinner?
Sur La Table

If two is better than one, then three has to trump two, a concept that can be applied to kitchen appliances--certainly when it comes to their versatility. As far as kitchen appliances are concerned, design quite often determines utility, and the best ones are naturally capable of many different tasks. With sometimes the cookery in question being capable of vastly different tasks.

The Fagor 3-in-1 Electric Multicooker provides the versatility that is so important in the modern kitchen. With the ability to act as a pressure cooker, slow cooker or a rice cooker, the 6-quart countertop appliance is an everyday machine. With the fast cooking nature of a pressure cooker coupled with the long cooking time associated with slow cooking, the handy device can produce a variety of meals. There's even a browning function that makes it easy to maximize flavor with your favorite recipes.

In addition to an overachieving menu, the electric cooker also offers convenience. With a programmable timer, an LED screen and soft-touch buttons that are easy to clean, the multicooker offers inviting use, no matter how complicated the recipe may be--or what may be on the menu. Finally, with two independent pressure-control valves, a pressure safety-lock feature and anti-overheating protection, the multicooker makes mealtime not only easy and delicious, but worry-free as well.