Computex 2012: CNET AU on the scene

From the biggest keynotes to the smallest booths, CNET Australia is on the ground at Asia's biggest technology hardware show.

CNET Australia
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CNET Australia

CNET Australia is on the ground at Computex 2012 this year, bringing you coverage of all the major events from all across the show floor.

Computex flags fly above the convention centre in Taipei. (Credit: Computex)

Over the next four days, we'll be covering the big keynotes from Acer, Asus, Intel and more, plus we'll be roaming the show floor to get hands on with all of the latest announcements. Computex isn't just about new releases; it can also reveal new designs that may not hit the market until 2013 or beyond. What surprises will Taipei offer this year?

CNET Slide Night: Computex 2012

To wrap things up from Computex 2012, CNET Australia is also hosting a special CNET Slide Night event on Wednesday, 20 June.

We'll be hosting a small group of readers at the CNET Australia HQ in Sydney, with Craig Simms and Seamus Byrne talking about this year's Computex. We'll bring back a lot of extra photos and insights that don't make it onto the page for a more casual, personal sense of what Taipei had to offer.

The event will take place during our upcoming DIY week. So if you're interested in attending the CNET Slide Night, send an email to cnetslidenight@cbsinteractive.com and tell us in 25 words or less what DIY hardware tweak you're planning this year.