Comet website down as chain confirms administration

Comet's website is down as the company heads into administration, threatening 6,500 jobs in shops across the country.

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Update 9 November: Comet's sale is now open, but only in stores, not online. Gift cards are now being accepted. Original story follows.

Comet's website is down as the company heads into administration, threatening 6,500 jobs in shops across the country.

"Sorry Comet.co.uk is currently unavailable -- please try again later," is the message that greets anyone curious about potential bargains, as the electronics chain teeters on the brink of folding.

Comet hasn't revealed why the site is offline. Could it have crashed under an influx of morbidly curious bargain-hunters?

Branches were closed this morning for management to deliver the bad news to staff, but reopened this afternoon. Comet's 240 branches are in danger of closing their doors for good, with thousands of jobs under threat.

Comet will appoint administrators next week to try and rescue the company, or ultimately wind it up. The Telegraph reports that Maplin and Dixons Retail, which owns Currys and PC World, have made advances to buy the ailing chain.

Whether Dixons buys Comet or the troubled chain goes under, it seems Dixons will be left with a monopoly on electronics on Britain's high streets and retail parks. You can buy your gadgets from supermarkets or department stores such as John Lewis, but there's less choice if you want specialist staff. Good thing we're here to provide you with all the technology information and advice you'll ever need!

If you have a gift card or vouchers, you should spend them sharpish, although if you're anything like us you're probably wondering if there'll be bargains to be had as Comet clears stock. In the run-up to Christmas, a closing-down sale could yield some decent buys for us, and earn a bit of much-needed moolah for Comet too.

What bargains would tempt you to head to Comet? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.