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Combination mixer makes everything

The Kalorik All In One Mixer combines four popular kitchen appliances into one.

Now only if there were an oven attachment...

Someday, in the probably-too-distant future, our kitchens will be completely automated above and beyond anything we can now imagine. Our meals will be prepared at the press of a button, and instead of passable microwaveable food, the meals will actually be nutritious and delicious. While whatever magical all-in-one unit that would create these meals out of thin air might not yet exist, appliance makers are doing all they can, now, to cram every conceivable appliance into one unit.

The Kalorik All In One Mixer takes the lowly hand mixer and elevates it into an appliance practically capable of making dinner all by itself. The overachieving appliance combines a mixer, a fruit juicer, a chopper, and an immersion blender into one unit. An innocuous-looking base stores the main unit, while included attachments are a chopper (which acts like a mini food processor), a stick blender, and a juice reamer that mounts on top. Just for good measure, the mixer also comes with dough hooks in addition to the standard beaters.

Set up on the counter, it wouldn't appear as if the appliance had so many uses. The elegant design integrates nicely with whatever attachment you may have on at the moment. While we may not be at the point where we have "Star Trek"-style food replicators, there can be little doubt that we live in a golden age of combination appliances. This multiuse mixer is just another small step to a future where we only need one appliance. All of this for only $49.99. The future truly is a magical place.