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Cold Cover Chiller lid to land on a table near you

It may look like a flying saucer, but the Prodyne CC-12 Cold Cover Chiller Lid is more down to earth.

Take me from your freezer.
Take me from your freezer.

Serving cold food is and always has been a bit of a hassle. Thankfully, modern convenience has made the availability of ice as easy as walking into the next room. Out of ice or need more? Run to the store; a nearby cashier will gladly ring you up. But ice has its own set of problems, namely that it melts.

Freezer gel packs are a good option for keeping things cold outside the confines of the freezer, but they can be awkward to manipulate. Combining aesthetics and practicality, the Prodyne CC-12 Cold Cover Chiller Lid has a solution.

The distinctive-appearing kitchen helper is made of two parts: a lid and a freezer pod. The unique styling of the lid allows it to be used with round bowls and trays from 9 inches in diameter up to those with a 12.25-inch diameter. Importantly, this means it can be used with items that already exist in the kitchen cupboard. The specially designed freezer pod fits directly into the acrylic dome lid. Keep the pod in the freezer and screw it into the lid when it is needed. Food will stay colder longer, accomplished with a minimum of fuss. Plus it keeps bugs (and little green men) out.