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Coin operated kosher hot dogs

Kosher Vending Industries vending machine offers hot dogs, knishes and more.

Kosher Vending Industries vending machine offers hot dogs, knishes and more. KVI

While it doesn't seem to be an immediate threat to your friendly, neighborhood hot dog stand, a hot dog vending machine could someday be coming to a corner near you. Or to an industrial complex. Or to the supermarket. Or to wherever vending machines happen to congregate. The Hot Choice fully-automated vending machine, created by KRH Thermal, promises to provide a freshly-cooked hot meal in 90 seconds. Clearly, vending is not just for cans of soda and bags of chips any longer.

The company behind the concept is Kosher Vending Industries, and they offer more than just kosher hot dogs. Other items on the vending machine menu include a potato knish, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, and deep dish pizza. For those following strict diets of a kosher nature, these machines could be a real blessing. Imagine if these machines found their way into office buildings, hospitals, and gas stations.

I'm a fan of the well-documented Japanese national obsession concerning all things that vend. This continuation of a trend offers some exciting potential. I love the idea of an army of machines doling out goods of all shapes and sizes. Of particular interest to me is, of course, food. If it's a hot dog, even better. I mean, anything has got to be better than those microwaveable hot dogs down at the corner store, right? Even if it isn't bacon-wrapped.

Via: CraziestGadgets