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CNET UK launches new homepage: What do you think?

Today we launch our new homepage, based on what you told us was most important to you. Have a read to see what has changed and why.

Today we're proud to take the wrapper off our new homepage. The result of a large research project, the new design is based on the things you told us were most important.

What came through loud and clear was that you value simplicity above all else. So we've stripped out anything that wasn't essential, and focused on your number one need -- finding the latest stories, regardless of the section they appear in.

So you can now see the latest stories from the Crave and reviews section in a list, with an option to load more. For those who want to explore further, the product area appears next to each headline in grey, which you can click if you want to see more. For reviews, clicking 'more like this' shows you the latest reviews in that product area.

A new unit at the top of the page enables us to showcase more than we could previously. This rotates through the stories we've chosen automatically, but you can click the arrows to the left and right to take control if you wish.

The other big request was the ability to see the stories on the site that are creating buzz. The box at the bottom is designed to show the ten hottest stories you're commenting on, sharing on Facebook and discussing on Twitter, with an arrow to show how their chart position has changed.

A large group of you wanted an easier way to find products we've reviewed. Good news: on the right of the page is a box to help with just that. Use the drop-down menus to narrow your choices and you'll see a preview of the results without leaving the homepage. As always, if you know exactly what you want, you can type it in the search box at the very top.

If you used the reviews search box that appeared in the middle of the old homepage, you'll notice it has vanished. It hasn't gone away though -- head to the reviews home page and you'll find it halfway down.

We hope you like these changes. Please do let us know your reactions in the comments below or on our Facebook wall.