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CNET UK Facebook celebration video: 2,000 fans, only one supercomputer

The rather spiffy CNET UK Facebook page now boasts over 2,000 fans. Watch our video in which, faced with this news, Luke and Ian seek advice from a higher power...

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Drew Stearne

Gawd, the things we do for you guys. When we awoke to find our humble Facebook fan page had swelled its ranks to over 2,000 bodies, we knew we had to do something to celebrate. But as we'd already had all our creative juices milked out of us in the CNET UK Editorial Milking Machine last week, we knew we'd have to turn to a higher power.

That's why, in the video above all this weird writing, you can watch the magnanimous Ian Morris and the impish Luke Westaway plunging deep into the bowels of the CNET UK offices, to consult with the CNET Super Computer -- the only device capable of safely crunching the numbers necessary to devise a worthy celebration. What does the Super Computer ultimately suggest? Watch the video to find out. (See what we did there? Just leading you along. Sneaky.)

The Facebook page itself is going great guns -- a veritable hive of tech-based arguments, Photoshopped nonsensery, shameful behind the scenes photos and tricky 'would you rather' questions. Head over there this second to join in the fun. And do that social media thing where you tell all your friends and stuff too. We like it when that happens.